Gateway works with businesses of all sizes, helping organizations establish and navigate their federal, state, and local lobbying and policy agendas. Our relationships at all levels of Federal, state, and local government, allow us to navigate the network of public policy makers and decision leaders that shape the future of our country.  Our process is based on a foundation of collaborative, critical thinking.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”
– John F. Kennedy

Working closely with our clients, we bring together industry specialists and policy advisors with long histories of measurable success, to execute strategic and well-designed lobbying campaigns. Our process is defined by measurable goals and objectives, as well as proven tactics that define success for our stakeholders – so we know what is working, and when we need to adjust our course of action.

While the lobbying process can sometimes be a circuitous path, we provide guidance and clarity to an otherwise imperfect process. Gateway provides a number of services to businesses, including:

  • Navigating your federal, state, and local lobbying agenda
  • Strategic planning, including the development of missions, goals, and operational plans
  • Strategic consulting and planning
  • Securing meetings with the best network within government to help you reach your goals
  • Event planning and promotion
  • Social media strategy development, execution and training
  • Brand strategy, development and marketing
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